Do you know any Ukrainian authors? Perhaps you've heard of Nikolai Gogol. Maybe you even saw the 2014 movie "Viy", a scary adventure film that was based on one of Gogol's novels. Did you think that Gogol was a Russian writer? Surprise! He was Ukrainian. The next question is a little trickier: do you know any modern Ukrainian authors? We hope that you do, but many people don't. Why not? It's not a simple question.
It turns out that Ukrainian literature is in the shadow of a "big brother" - Russian literature. In fact, many Ukrainian authors write in Russian and are therefore considered to be Russian authors! We think that this isn't fair, and we're trying to change the situation.
At, you can read short examples of modern Ukrainian books. If you like a particular book, contact our site's administration or contact the author directly to discuss translation options. If you can't translate the text yourself, ask a translator. If you are a publisher, ask the author about printing his/her book.
Nowadays, the world has a tremendous interest in Ukraine, including Ukrainian history, music, and politics. Help us bring more Ukrainian literature to readers around the world!

Oleg Avramenko Oleg Avramenko

  • SFF, fantasy, alternate history

    Oleg Avramenko born September 25, 1967 in Kherson. Like many other writers, change fiction , education " techie ". This sci-fi novels, which he enthusiastically read as a child sparked his interest in mathematics and physics. At fourteen he entered the Physics and Mathematics of the Kiev school at KSU , was medalist national retail competition , and in 1985 became a student from Kyiv University... >>>

  • Tymur Lytovchenko Tymur Lytovchenko

  • SFF, psyhologic, historic, alternate history

    .... >>>

  • Marianna Malina Marianna Malina

  • SFF, psyhologic

    Marianna Malina , Ukrainian artist, poet and writer. Founder and editor of the weekly newspaper "City of Masters"; editor of the magazine "UFO" (Ukrainian Fantastic Observer); twice winner of the national contest "The Coronation of the Word" for his novel "Purple Children" and "Scorched way".The novel "Purple Children" reprinted in Greece (in Greek). >>>

  • Lilia Musikhina Lilia Musikhina

  • fantasy, history, etnographic

    Starting around since 2008 and am actively forwarding search activities , studying spiritual component of national culture. With some results of my research can be found in the collections of scientific articles.
    Especially exciting I closed all regions of the culture where people fully retain their cultural identity. Much My Love - hutsuly and Huzulschyna. >>>

  • Radiy Radutny Radiy Radutny

  • SFF, action, adventure

    Rocket engineer by education, Radutny like most science fiction with new technik, new decision, new horizonts. But her don't refuse fantasy and another genres. Best results, say her, we can get in borders between genres and form, like best sciense result has get in borders of any directions of sciense. >>>

  • Natalia Tysovska Natalia Tysovska

  • Fantasy, mystic

    Coming soon... >>>

  • Yuri Vynnychuk Yuri Vynnychuk

  • SFF, horror, erotic, history

    Yuri Vynnychuk, one of independent Ukraine’s most popular writers, Unable to have his own works published until the early 1990s due to Soviet cultural policy, Vynnychuk would publish them as “translations” from ancient languages (Irish, Welsh) or even made up languages such as Arcanumian. Furthermore, Vynnychuk invented the existence of a whole Arcanumian civilization in the 1990s. >>>

  • Vladislav Wineberg Vladislaw Wineberg

  • SFF, action, adventure

    ... >>>