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  • Random Author
    Oleg Avramenko Oleg Avramenko
  • SFF, fantasy, alternate history

    Oleg Avramenko born September 25, 1967 in Kherson. Like many other writers, change fiction , education " techie ". This sci-fi novels, which he enthusiastically read as a child sparked his interest in mathematics and physics. At fourteen he entered the Physics and Mathematics of the Kiev school at KSU , was medalist national retail competition , and in 1985 became a student from Kyiv University... >>>

  • Random Book
    Malina Scorched Way Marianna Malina

    Scorched Way

  • SFF, social SF, psyhological
  • 2010
  • 300 kb

    There are areas in the sky - between the two zodiac signs, these arrows celestial clock - Sagittarius and Scorpius - which is called Via Combusta, which translates from Latin as "burned way"... >>>