Marianna Malina

Marianna Malina , Ukrainian poet and writer. Founder and editor of the weekly newspaper "City of Masters"; editor of the magazine "UFO" (Ukrainian Fantastic Observer); twice winner of the national contest "The Coronation of the Word" for his novel "Purple Children" and "Scorched way". The novel "Purple Children" reprinted in Greece (in Greek). Beginning with a series of literary associations. A member of the "Institute for Development of creative technologies and media"; expert on the TV channel "Morion" Cooperation with non-governmental organizations; Member of the Crimean SFF-club.
He has numerous publications in periodicals.
Books of Marianna Malina

Purple Children

  • SFF, social SF, psyhological
  • 2008
  • 300 kb

    They appear in regular school. Mind reading at a distance, levitation, teleportation ... turns out these fantastic abilities are real! Who are they - these strange children? The new generation of supermen, or ruthless bastards capable of murder? What do young school psychologist Daryna Nikolaevna, who after the mysterious death of fellow teachers was between the two camps? Climb the side of the old familiar world, trying to keep control, or to protect these strange children? >>>

  • Scorched Way

  • SFF, social SF, psyhological
  • 2010
  • 300 kb

    There are areas in the sky - between the two zodiac signs, these arrows celestial clock - Sagittarius and Scorpius - which is called Via Combusta, which translates from Latin as "burned way". People born this time, called Ophiuchus and have unique abilities. That guy by the name of counselor, meaning "jewel ", without realizing it, walk their scorched by that relentless fate richly paved sharp stones, and bottomless precipices impassable thicket. And the guy has no idea what he is - a ladder, can open out to mankind unknown world . That's just when the heavens opened, door, wait for a man to them on the same counselor - a new life and inevitable death? >>>