Lilia Musikhina

Born September 21, 1978 in Ternopil , where it is now.
Graduated , like all children, school, then - Department "Decoration" Ternopil Cooperative College and then continued her studies at the Faculty of Philology of Ternopil National University. Volodymyr Hnatiuk. Teaching at the Institute remember how years of hard work and enthusiastic swallowing books. I sincerely thank all those occurred in my way during childhood and adolescence , because one way or another , everyone tried something different, unique. Starting around since 2008 and am actively forwarding search activities , studying spiritual component of national culture. With some results of my research can be found in the collections of scientific articles in the magazine "Keeper" in ethnology calendars "Witch Doctor" (from "Diana+"). Especially exciting I closed all regions of the culture where people fully retain their cultural identity. Much My Love - hutsuly and Huzulschyna . I would like to thank all my respondents for those corns old knowledge with which they are to me , and therefore have shared with you. We must adequately carry candle of our culture through the life and pass them on to future generations , so , so, no matter what , be , my dear!
2012 were published the book "The Magic of Mountain. Magic in the life hutsuls" published " Educational Book - Maison " and" Magic Ukrainian mouth eyewitness published "Green Dog". Preparing to print comparative folk calendar and Christian holidays for next year "Golden Root" This deals with publishing "Wanderer") and "Zviroslov. Mytheme Wildlife" published "Bohdan - Educational book". I write on. Now try to understand the formation of food taboos and everything about body and physicality ( fertility, Culture intimate life, funeral rites , etc.). Works enough. Honestly .

Books of Lilia Musikhina

The Magic of Mountain

  • Etnographic
  • 2010
  • 300 kb

    Ethnographic exploration into the world of mystical and mysterious customs, traditions and rituals Gutsulschiny accompanying person from birth until he went into the afterlife. The mysterious, unique flavor and ancient wisdom inhabitants of the hill on the pages of a unique publication "Magic Mountains: Magic hutsuls in life." >>>

  • Animaword

  • Etnographic
  • 2012
  • 400 kb

    Coming soon... >>>