Radiy Radutny

Blindigly bright shadow

  • 2011
  • 500 kb

    This is a fourty part my cycle about magi Major - "Strong must die", "Ordered Chaos", "Blindigly bright. Shadow". Major is universal magi-officer, Necromant, Chaosit and Master of Order Magic. The action takes place in 1938-1947 years; Major performs the missions in Nectomantic Germany and Chaosit USSR, use magic for run from GULAG, wake-up chaosit deads for using on West Front, recovering necromantis rocket from swamp in Poland, love vampire-girl, lift necromantic minisub with Chaos-Bomb from deep in English Channel...

    The novel "Strong must die" is part of a series of books about the adventures of a magician Major before, during and after the Second World War.