Radiy Radutny

Heavy man's job

  • Fantasy, action, adventure

  • 2006

  • 600 kb

  • Among the "black archaeologists" Ukraine swept rumor that in the Dnieper estuary hidden treasure. Multiple teams going on his quest. The main character - a journalist - to mediate between the leader of a team and an investor who wants to invest in the expedition.
    Negotiations begin in camp "black archaeologists" against excavated tombs and archaeological specific humor, and a little mystical story about the deceased digger, who now helps others.
    After the negotiations diggers modify small ship and with a journalist go down the Dnieper. Along the way, the journalist faces strange manifestations of mysticism, mostly from Ukrainian legends.
    On the way to the crew joins beautiful and thrifty girl, journalist and gradually falls in love.
    In Kremenuk's waterhold happen sea battle with competitors. Diggers shoot each other with machine guns, mortars, and then from the abyss sunk a German Second World War tank, removed a turret and put on ship. During especially hot battle journalist notes that no one crew in the turret, and the gun continues to shoot. It turns out the leader of the team revived ("raised") dead German crew.
    A decisive clash occurs on one of the islands, where during the Second World War was arranged mass grave of Soviet and German soldiers, and before that was the Cossack cemetery. Diggers fight, "picking up" dead, and giving illusion each other. Eventually, the island erupts real war between the skeletons, illusions and human.
    After the victory of "our" team faces smaller competitors drowns ship and submarine mini boat and continue the path.
    Intrigued mystical events which he had witnessed, journalist starts asking archeologists, and gradually it turns out that the leader is already several years old, and before he was a Cossack's wizard-"charakternyk", his assistant - a little over a hundred-age, he worked for the NKVD, and later in Gestapo, girl - daughter tortured Cossacks Polish magnate, "raised" magic leader (but not for long). A mysterious treasure - is artifact that gives the chance to raise long. Journalist in love with a girl who was left quite little life with even greater fervor seeking treasure and decides to possess it independently, in order to extend the life of the girl. If you do not, then within a few years it will turn into a vampire. In any case, the journalist asks the leader to teach the basics of witchcraft.
    Raise treasure fails. The team, with the exception of journalist dies. In desperation, the journalist tries to revive the girl alone, but "raised" girl kill him.