Radiy Radutny

Metal on metal

  • Action

  • 2006

  • 200 kb

  • Experience of wars around the world shows that the tanks, are designed to combat infantry, now incarcerated to the fight against their own kind, and poorly protected against infantry.
    One of the Russian design bureau developed a new set of active protection, which leaves the infantry no chance. The complex is a little paranoid, and sometimes dangerous to its own, but it is equipped with a tank becomes almost invulnerable.
    Latest developments sent for testing. The best test for military equipment - the war, so the tank is going to Chechnya.
    Just in the area, where among the Chechen rebels operate several Ukrainian mercenaries.
    First they tried to destroy deadly vehicle for reward, but suddenly it was not a matter of money, but of life and death.
    Destroy the tank fails, but the last of the mercenaries try another very unexpected option.
    The book contains many descriptions of modern military equipment, tactics and inevitable in war atrocities.