Radiy Radutny

Mosaic of strange war

  • 2001
  • 500 kb

    Four old friends meet after a long separation and arrange booze in the laboratory, where one of them. During booze turns out that one of them - a former pilot , the second - a former journalist , the third - a scientist with no prospects , the fourth - all terrorist miraculously escaped punishment. Laboratory work on the problem of radar and protection against it . All were somehow familiar with the topic. Drunk scientist trying to show a friend that is capable of installing them in a series of sluchaystey experimenters associated with the parallel world where the same company doing the same . They exchanged notes , then various objects , but soon learned to understand that such contact is potentially dangerous because of the parallel world can cast a material object in space already occupied by another object . To avoid such experimenters applied a preemptive strike . Further experiments are carried on a small airfield , and as the equipment to create a transition between the worlds used military and aeronautical radars . In the transition to first manage to penetrate bespilotnike , then on a light aircraft . One of the parallel worlds is extinct . There equip an expedition of two people who are engaged in looting . The rest are preparing their return . The expedition is successful, the plane returned , full of values. Begin dismantling and planning future operations , but this time over the airfield appears drone of another parallel world . Friends understand that unleashed a real war between parallel worlds . They shot down the drone , and decide to preempt the world , where it started .