Radiy Radutny

Mr. and Mrs. Orf

  • 2010

  • 9 kb

  • The modern version of the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice.
    Mr. Orf - inventor, owner of the company for the production of high-tech weapons and implants. Evry Orf - his wife died from a snake bite on a camping trip in Greece. Due to a misunderstanding her body was directed to a common center processing bodies and extracting valuable implants - "Aid for lives".
    With intrigue, bribery and skirmishes Mr. Orf breaks to giant morgue, finds the body of his wife, take biological samples and most importantly - the implant-backup, which recorded memory that is the essence of Evry.
    Morgue protects system "Cerberus". To neutralize it, Mr. Orff uses ultrasonic transducer "Lear"
    On the way back, it appears that the death of his wife - intrigue patron Orf Mr. Pollo for secret acquisition of new implant.