Radiy Radutny

Strong must die

  • 2012
  • 500 kb

    Magic version of some events of the Second World War, based, however, on real events.
    In 1944 Deads-necromancer (Germans) firing Island (England) in new weapons - missiles. Group commandos under the leadership of Major - magician of Order Magic planted in the rear of the enemy, in the landfill, where the fall test missiles. There is information that one of the rockets fell in the mud and did not explode.
    During landing killed one member of the group - the one who is responsible for contacts with locals. Thus, the group has to perform tasks independently.
    Group equips the camp, connected to the cable and listens necromancer's talks .
    From time to time on the ground fall the missiles. Necromancers from the plane noticed the crashsites and sending a team to collect debris. To collect debris necromancer using "raised" skeletons. They work pretty clumsy and occasionally breaking down. In conversations over the phone base commander regularly complains about the lack of skeletons, but management indicates that the skeletons needful at the front and proposes to use local resources, such as cemeteries.
    Group finds crashsite of the rocket, but remove it from the morass itself fails. Underground passage to rocket flooded water.
    It turns out that Major also little understood at necromantion, so the ground work he finds in the swamp a few old skeletons, "raised" them and draws them to work. One of the skeletons belong girl raped and drowned in the mud more than a hundred years ago.
    Suddenly one of the missiles falling near the camp. Explosion disrupts masking, and observer from the plane immediately notice the saboteurs. Necromancer rush in pursuit. During the chase using dead dogs walking on the trail.
    To save the group, Major detracts chase over, killing several dogs and kills himself by jump into a quagmire.
    Using the black art of necromancy, he makes himself the living dead, and under the guise of replenishment gets on base necromancer. He interrogates gay officer Necromancer, but first audit Major passes.
    One member of the group gets captured, the same cheerful Necromancer tortures him to death, and extracts the secret fallen rocket. Major forced to be present at the interrogation.
    Intact rocket - a very valuable discovery because it immediately by going to a great team necromancers and skeletons. They build a mine and get to the rocket.
    The last member of the group observed this work, but do not do anything.
    Work are complicated by the fact that the mine water penetrates. Necromancer know what lurks around the remains of the reconnaissance group. The commander of the group - the most hilarious joke Necromancer holler magician balance so he froze the water. Major quietly does it. Necromancer, received confirmation that lurks around magician balance, very alarmed, but the work continues.
    Suddenly it turns out that gay Necromancer is a spy-chaosist (USSR) and can use magic chaos.
    Extracted rocket loaded on halftruck also being taken to the base. At the base already arrived Necromancer rocket-engineer. Major and chaosist capture him prisoner, explode base tipped missiles and transport stolen rocket to partisans werewolves (Polish Home Army). But captured engineer manages to make a beacon, a signal which catches their pursuers necromancer.
    Rebels-werewolves hastily equipped airfield, and defend it from necromancer. Necromancer using a special weapon against werewolves - Lighting ultraviolet rocket from which werewolves blind. Despite heavy losses, the airport can be receive aircraft from the island.
    Valuable equipment with missiles loaded on planes, but necromancers already fired runway. The plane is damaged. Frightened Necromancer-engeneer reported that the missile itself is very unreliable mechanism, because it is charged with positive probability - 'luck'. Debris rockets connected to the body of the aircraft, he happily takes off. Debris rockets wounded Major, fragment remains in the wound, so the majors now also het 'luck'.

    The novel "Strong must die" is part of a series of books about the adventures of a magician Major before, during and after the Second World War.